Netflix Added Password Sharing Earlier This Year

As of May 23 2023 Netflix started to roll out password sharing restrictions for their subscription streaming service. These new restrictions mean Netflix may only be used in your household and by users that live there. In order to stay connected to your account, you must connect to the main IP address internet once every 31 days. This caused quite the storm online, with many users calling to boycott Netflix. This move comes after Netflix loses subscribers for the first time in years. However, that was far from successful.

Netflix Password Sharing Has Turned Into A Massive Success

Although most, including myself, thought that this would backfire on Netflix. This was not the case. Netflix has seen 4 of it’s biggest user day signups in Q2 since 2019. This includes days of 100,000+ Sign ups in one day, an unbelievable amount. This is a bigger issue for more than just Netflix going forward.

Bigger Than Netflix Going Forward

With Netflix proving that password sharing crackdowns can be successful, it sets standards for other companies to follow. As of now, most subscription streaming services do not have sharing restrictions. My guess? That is about to change. If services are indeed leaving millions of dollars on the table, we will most likely start to see major restrictions coming up. Some services such as Together price, run their whole business model on allowing password sharing. It seems like this will be a thing of the pass. Users will soon be restricted on what they can use.

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